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CSE (Cambridge Search Engine Ltd) is an online publisher of city guides and localised business directories. The company was originally formed in 2000 to develop search engine technology for individual cities. Since then we have built up a large network of sites through inhouse development and acquisitions.

Our network of sites - the BritainOnline network - comprises more than 200 city guides and local information websites including some of Britain's best known local portals such as LondonOnline and Merseyside.com. The network is one of the UK's most popular local information sources and attracts millions of monthly visitors.

Websites in the BritainOnline network empower people with local expertise, trusted content and useful tools enabling them to interact with others, add recommendations and reviews of local establishments and make informed decisions.

A selection of our websites can be found on this page.

about us  |  our brands  |  advertising  |  acquisitions  |  contact us
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